Are you new to Trichology?

Or, are you a seasoned trichologist/stylist baffled by cases of thinning hair that leaves you pulling your hair out?

CL WilliamsCONSULTING has the answers to aid and assist you in moving above and beyond your dilemma with proven, cutting-edge procedures, and products.

Let us become a member of your team via video conferencing or on-site clinical support. Both are only a click, call, or onsite consult away. The following are only a brief listing of the services available to you:


•  Clinical support with Comprehensive Hair Loss Consultations

•  Group Weight Loss, Detox Programs and Retreats

•  Blood Nutritional Analysis  &  Micronutrient Testing

•  Bio-Energetic Evaluation

For more information call Dr. Candy Lewis Williams  at 937-689-0961 or 210-526-0096.

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