Appearances, Broadcasts, Education & Lectures

USTI Trichology In Clinic Training /NYC  10/2017

Modern Salon Hair Summit+ /Atlanta  9/24-27/2017

USTI Associate Trichology Course /Houston  9/2017

USTI Hair Practioner Course /Houston  8/2017

Orlando Premier Show  / Florida  6/2017

Natural Solutions For Thinning Hair… San Antonio, TX./4/2017

USTI Trichology Clinical Training/New York City, NY. 10/2016 

USTI  Hair Practitioner Course/ Dallas, TX. 2016


2/27/15 Dr Candy Lewis, ND. Guest appearance on The Dr. OZ Show... “7 Days to a Healthier Head of Hair”


3/22-23/15  Chicago ABS  presentation...Hair Nutrition


5/19- 5/20/13 International Association of Trichologist, USA Conference, (IAT) San Antonio, Texas… lecture on: “The Gut Brain Skin Axis


 5/4/14  International Association of Trichologist, USA Conference, (IAT) San Antonio, Texas… lecture on: “Liver & Kidney  Imbalance _ A Link to Hair Loss


10/18/13 Dr. Candy Lewis, ND. Trichologist, guest appearance on The Dr. Oz Show …..”Solutions For Thinning Hair”


11/11/13 – 11/13/13 International Association of Trichologist AR Conference, (IAT) Buenos Aires, Argentina …..lecture on: “The Gut Brain Skin Axis”// (see link below)


3/9/13  Gem City Naturals / Sister Circle …University Of Dayton


3/22/13 Women History Month, Sister Circle Conference 2013 / Northern Kentucky University


 Educational Seminars



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