TLC Detox 360

Are you:

Experience headaches or migraines?

Feel fatigued and sluggish?

Having aching joints and muscles?

Feel your weight is getting out of control?

Feel unfocused and foggy?

Have digestive problems?

If so, TLC Detox 360° ™ can help renew your sense of well-being.  You will experience a clean diet, have renewed energy, mental clarity and decreased inflammation.

TLC Detox 360°™

Revitalize         Rejuvenate        Transform


Why use TLC Detox 360™ Program?

Never before in human history have we been exposed to so many environmental toxins! The air we breathe, chemicals in our food, water, houses and workplaces as well as the various products we put on our bodies, all expose us to environmental toxins. These toxins build up over the years, constantly increasing our toxic load. This may result in degenerative disorders, autoimmunity, neurological dysfunction and/or hormonal imbalances.

Our bodies are equipped to neutralize these toxins and clear them out or store them, but your body needs some assistance.

The organs of detoxification – kidneys, liver, lymph, lungs, intestines and skin – work hard each day to address such exposure. However due to genetics, stress, dietary issues, lifestyle practices, exposure levels and our ability to neutralize and excrete these toxins may vary. Unless you take active steps to address toxic exposure, your health may be affected in varying degrees.

The best approach is to address this problem from many fronts. A simple cleansing diet or supplement, although helpful, may not be enough to make a major difference. TLC Detox 360™  4 week program has been designed by healthcare and nutritional experts to provide a coordinated, multifaceted answer for you.

This is a scientifically designed and powerful whole foods approach to detoxification. It is a 28 day whole health program in which you will experience living a 360° detox lifestyle.

~ It will be one of the most important health programs that you will ever undertake ~

These are the basic elements that form the framework for the TLC Detox 360 program:

*Exposure: The goal of this element is to lower the toxic load through choosing organic foods, becoming aware of toxic exposures and determining your personal toxic load.

*Diet: The dietary aspect is the most important part of the program. It is a hypo-allergenic, anti-inflammatory diet. Each participant will also assess their bio-chemical individual needs for nutrition. For those that chose a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, these nutritional recommendations are also addressed.

*Lifestyle: Lifestyle activities such as physical activity, making changes in your environment by integrating  reflexology, essential oil body treatments, ionic detox foot baths and times for relaxation are also included in the program. Many other lifestyle tips and instruction is included.

*Homeopathic Drainages: You will be taking some homeopathic drainage formulas that support the release of toxins and strengthen the detox organs – the kidneys, liver and lymph system.

*Targeted Nutrition (Supplementation): During the program you will be taking nutritional support that increases the likelihood that the detoxification pathways are strengthened and to ensure that the program is even more successful

* Educate: You will be reading articles on detoxification, homeopathy and homeopathic cleansing, essential oils, emotional detoxification, better beverages, sleep, hormone balance, toxicity, food, healthy fats, antioxidants and healthy digestion.

TLC Detox 360° 

28 Day Program includes:

  • All program supplements   (2 ClearVite Protein Powder, 2 Metacrin, 2 Omega CO-3, 1 Nourish Greens, 3 Homeopathic Tinctures) This program is customized based on you initial consultation, slight changes may be made to this list.
  • 28 Daily Devotions  (emailed each morning to keep you encouraged and spiritually focused)
  • 4 weekly education sessions and group discussions
  • 1 program educational manual outlining a week by week plan:

(Example of manual content)

  1. Preparation Phase
  2. Readings
  3. Menus ( for each phase)
  4. Daily Journaling
  5. Weekly Feedback Forms
  6. Conclusion, Revitalization & Reintroduction
  7. References
  8.  2 DVD’s

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“I had a rebirth…there is a whole new world out there for me, I had no idea I could feel so good at my age.”  Cathy C.

“My rheumatologist was surprised at how my fingers and hand had less inflammation, he wanted to know what I was up to.” M A

 The rash on my fingers is gone and the painful joints are all better now. I don’t have  brain fog anymore 🙂 Jenn M

In just days, you can begin to experience results and look forward to continued improvement. R B




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