What Causes Hair Loss?

Did you know there are multiple causes for excessive hair loss? Our naturopathic doctor has 33 years of experience and specializes in the field trichology  . 

The Lotus Concept’s hair re-growth program is a multi-therapeutic approach that combines anti-androgens, hormone balancing, autoimmune protective agents, oxygen free-radical inhibitors, hair growth stimulators and laser treatment to stop hair loss and generate new thicker, fuller hair . This program is well beyond the ability of single treatment approach to re-grow hair. A comprehensive, multi-mode approach can be successful for both men and women.


Hair loss for women can include:

Many women may have a combination of these factors which is why it is important to seek help.

For men, there are two main causes of hair loss:

There can be other causal factors for men’s hair loss such as:

During our in-depth Hair Loss Exam we examine the hair at a 200X magnification in order to determine what is happening at the follicular level which allows us to create a customized program just for you. Depending on the cause and the severity, we will recommend and consult on one or more options:

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