RepairVite Program

I first started the RepairVite program when I had a bad case of dermatitis on my hands. I previously had blood work that identified foods that I was sensitive to and should avoid. However, I still continued to eat those items and my hands were increasing with issues. My hands then began reacting to foods that were not considered avoid foods. For 25 days I committed to the repairvite diet and supplements along with a daily cream from the dermatologist. My hands improved in condition and I began eating my regular diet with no external reactions. I still take the RepairVite powder daily as maintenance.  Alicia C


“I Love My Hair!”

Dear Candy,

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate knowing you. You are truly a unique lady. God sure put together a terrific combination when He created you. I truly admire you and enjoy your talents and passions. By the way, I love my hair! Thanks for the hair color, style,and great straightened hair that is healthy. “I’m in love with myself.” I really love how you make me look! 🙂 You are a Super Star!      Robin B.


Individual Nutrition Consultation:

“What elevates Dr.Candy above other nutritional consultants is that she has an extensive background and knowledge base…her approach embodies the term “holistic” – she works with my physical, mental and emotional needs.” Diane F.

Hormone Support:

“My life has improved physically and mentally while working with Candy…I look forward to each day making good food choices, exercising and having balance in my life.” Julie S.

Thank You!

“Black Women’s Organization would like to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to come and speak with us. We know that you did not have to come, and we greatly appreciate it. We hope to stay in contact with you, and would like for you to grace us with your presence next year as well.

Once again thank you for your time.”

Black Woman’s Organization  –  Northern Kentucky University

Comprehensive Gut Repair Program:

“I’ve become more comfortable in my own skin, I am more confident about what I am doing.” Emily W.


Repair and Clear Program:

“I didn’t know that I could avoid a genetic predisposition to hypertension…once I repaired my gut, my digestion improved, my metabolism went up and my blood pressure decreased! Thank you  Dr. Candy!” Jean B.

Detox 360° …28 day detox program:

“I had a rebirth…there is a whole new world out there for me, I had no idea I could feel so good at my age.”  Cathy C.


Detox 360°…28 day detox program:

“My rheumatologist was surprised at how my fingers and hand had less inflammation, he wanted to know what I was up to…”

M. A.

Individual Nutrition Consultation:

“I was floundering and drowning…Dr. Candy immediately recognized that my immune system was “on fire”…she’s a nutritional expert, a coach who is always empathetic and mindful, and as a friend and a guide.” Mary M.

Keratin Smoothing System:

“In 2009, I decided to let my hair go natural. With me going off to college in a few months I was finding ways for my hair to continue to look nice. When I would go to Dr. Candy to get my hair done it would turn out lovely, but when I did it on my own I did not get wonderful results. I was not a fan on how quickly my hair would sweat out. It was tough for me because I was unsure on how to tame my hair without it being harmed with too much heat or even going back to chemicals.
 I made the decision to go to Dr. Candy Lewis so she could give me options on how to treat my hair while it was in the process of growing out naturally. She told me about the keratin process which is worth the time and I took her advice because of her knowledge of experience with hair. Before, when straightening my hair, it would sweat out easily and I always seemed to hit a rough patch while in the process of straightening. The results of the keratin were amazing. My hair was silky, bouncy, and did not sweat out! I was amazed at how little heat I put on my hair after receiving the keratin. I noticed a change in the texture of my hair since the keratin. It became much stronger and grew out smoothly. It is like a new head of hair! I am proud to say that I will continue to get a keratin from Dr. Candy Lewis.” Allyson D.


Detox 360° 28-day detox program :
“My energy levels increased, I slept better, I woke up earlier…I have so much energy that I reorganized my entire kitchen!” 
Beth Ann R.

Hair Loss  

For several years my hair would shed and break off, especially when I combed or washed it.  Many times the floor would be covered with hair and when I washed it clumps of hair were in my hand.  I tried different relaxed hair styles from long to short and even tried a short natural cut, hoping this would prevent breakage, but it didn’t.  I began to wonder if maybe something medically was wrong, but after all the test came back normal my concerns turn into frustration. I wondered if the shedding would ever stop.

Then in September I began taking Nature’s Sunshine Super Trio Vitamins and Hair, Skin and Nails Formula (HSN-W).  I soon began to notice a drastic change in the amount of hair that was shedding. After only a few months I have had little to no breakage. In the areas where my hair was weak and thin new strong healthy hair has started to grow.  I’m confident that as I continue to take the Super Trio Vitamins and HSN-W that my hair will make a full recovery.” Meishon R


Seborrhea Dermatitis 

“For almost 10 years I have had problems with an irritated scalp. I have been going to a dermatologist for the last 7 years because the issues I was having with my scalp began to get extremely worse. Everything the dermatologist would give me, would only provide temporary relief. As soon I did not use the medicine or the shampoo as it was directed, my scalp issues would come right back. In April 2010, I was referred to a Dr. Candy Lewis to see about getting some help with controlling my hair and scalp problems. In just a few months after going to Dr. Lewis I began to see dramatic changes in my hair. And now today I no longer have to use any of the medicines or shampoo that was prescribed by my dermatologist at all. My hair no longer itches I no longer have a dry scalp. I have only great things to say about what Dr. Candy Lewis was able to do for my hair. I am not sure exactly what she did but it has completely relieved me of ALL my hair and scalp issues.” Jade H.

Better Health /Healthy Hair! 

“My  family physician referred me to Dr. Lewis. My hair was breaking and would not grow in certain areas on my head. After she gave me a Bio-Energetic test she looked at my blood test report and checked my hair and scalp.  Then set down and talked to me about my hair style and what choices I might have. I made a decision to transition from chemicals. No color or relaxers…oh no! But I did it! After 6 months of going natural, eating healthier and taking the supplements she recommend, my hair is growing. I feel great and have lots of energy! Not only did I get a healthier head of hair  Dr. Lewis designed a weight loss program for me and I’ve loss 35 lbs.” Rachel O.


Gluten-free Living:

“My doctor misdiagnosed my gluten-intolerance condition, but Dr. Candy found it right away and I feel so much better now. I feel like I can ride that “century ride.” Robert M.


Individual Nutrition Consultation:

I have so much more energy and focus now and feel a million times better. I have finally found someone who I trust to coach me on my well-being.” Lois 

Keratin Treatment :

“I have been looking for a good hair product that will help my transitioning from permed or relaxed hair to all natural hair. I got the Keratin Treatment and it made my hair so manageable and with lots of body. I am still able to exercise without frizzy hair. The Keratin treatment has made a believer out of me.” Y.M.


The Lotus Concept “Herbal Scalp Mask”:

“I was experiencing some type of large dandruff and scaliness with my scalp. Candy suggested the Herbal Scalp Mask. I could tell immediately  that the mask made a big difference. My hair had shine, bounce, looked very healthy. The flaking was much better. I was so happy with the results. I requested the mask with my next appointment and experienced the same results. I have not had any other problems with my scalp since using the product.
I can’t believe how fast it worked!”Lynn G.


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