Shahidah Steed, CT.,CNHP.

Shahidah Steed, Board Certified Trichologist (CT), Natural Health Professional (CNHP), is a holistic health coach and founder of an innovative business called Indigo Wellness & Trichology Center. She assists clients to re-grow hair through a holistic approach to beauty and wellness. This supports the image and essence of the human body to achieve equilibrium and tranquility. Shahidah effectively uses a range of interventions, which include massage, a wide range of hair care including natural hair care, skin care, and body work.

As a graduate of US Trichology Institute, Institute of Certified Natural Health Profressionals, the Valmy International School of Esthetics and the Kree International School of Electrolysis, Shahidah is an expert in Trichology,  holistic health, aesthetics, electrolysis and natural hair care. Shahidah’s professional experiences include working as a make-up artist with “The Ground Crew” of Audrey Smaltz and for several innovative salons in New York City, Philadelphia and New Jersey.

For Shahidah beauty is not simply a matter of hair or skin care; beauty is a reflection of the body in balance. As result, she brings her holistic concept of “Indigo” to “The Lotus Concept” which provides clients with an innovative approach to wellness and trichology. Her new enterprise represents a fulfillment of a vision and completion of a personal mission, which she shares with her clients and our community.

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