Bio-Energetic Assessment

Our Bio-Energetic Assessment is a tool we utilize to have dialog with your body’s energetic system. This helps us to identify your body’s stressor and preferences. The results are completely reproducible and optimize your chances of the right lifestyle and supplement protocols.

I work with many amazing  pharmaceutical grade,  hypoallergenic,  homeopathic, botanicals and nutritional supplements.  These are professional only brands and have been chosen for their superior effectiveness and safety when taken in the correct manner.

You might ask why so may lines of products? Each line has what I like to refer to as its “flag ship” product.

  • I am not brand loyal……I am client loyal !
  • Each person is different and the body has different needs from time to time. Knowing what your needs are can be difficult.
  • I specialize in finding  just right supplements for you.

With so many options available in the marketplace today regarding supplements, why not allow us to find the ones that are right for you as an individual. Whether your desire is prevention or getting to the root of an existing problem, we highly recommend this assessment!

Read more about how Bio-Energetic Evaluations work:

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